Spirulina Superfood

There are a lot of “superfoods” out there nowadays, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest and the greatest. After I hear about a new superfood, I tend to wait a few months before I try it. I don’t want to rush putting anything new into my body, and I like to give the health experts a chance to debunk any claims that are being said about it.

I first heard about Spirulina when I saw a picture of a beautiful smoothie bowl on Instagram. I was sure they must’ve just blended up some frozen bananas and added some artificial food colouring, because it was so beautiful! I was shocked to find out that the vibrant green came from some strange superfood, spirulina. I wanted to try it right away, but I waited about a year before creating my own super spirulina smoothie bowl.

Vital proteins recently came out with their Spirulina Capsules and I knew it was finally time for me to get my hands on some! These little green capsules contain absolutely nothing besides spiruina and the plant capsule that holds the powder. So, what’s spirulina and why should you be taking it? Spirulina is a nutrient dense algae (vegan!). It contains 80% of your daily Vitamin A, and is also a good source of Vitamin K and B. I found the B vitamins especially interesting as someone who is trying to eat less animal products, because usually vegans/vegetarians need to take a separate B vitamin supplement, as it does not naturally occur in most plant based foods!

If you want to just take your spirulina and be done with it, the capsules are great. They are flavorless and gets you what you need quickly and efficiently. As a smoothie lover, I prefer to break my capsules apart and dump the powder in my morning smoothie for a pop of colour! I’d love it if you shared your spirulina smoothie concoctions with me on Instagram, just tag me using @tanlines.and.training!




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