One of my favourite things about the summer is that it is a cheap time to get fit. You don’t need a fancy gym or a spin membership. All you need is a park, maybe a bench, and a friend to enjoy the sun with. I love heading outdoors to go for a bike ride, play in a park, or even do a strength training circuit! Some cities, including the one I live in, even have outdoor gyms that people can use for free – although, I haven’t personally used them that much! I think my favourite outdoor workout is an arms & abs HIIT circuit. Arms are my least favourite body part to train, but for some reason it is easier when you are in a green space enjoying the fresh air! This week I met up with a friend to do a quick and effective 20 minute arm and core HIIT circuit. I like doing 4 rounds of each exercise for 45 seconds, with a 15 second rest in between! Scroll down for today’s workout!


  1. Incline push up – find a bench or a step to use. If 45 seconds of push-ups isn’t quite in your reach yet you can modify by pushing back on your toes and “rocketing” forward into each push up to give your arms a little break in between push ups! Alternatively, you could drop to the grass and do regular push ups or push ups on your knees.


2. Tricep Dips – Find a bench for these guys and engage your core as you use your triceps to lower yourself down and back up. If you want to make this one easier you can bring your feet closer to the bench. No bench? No problem! You can also do these by placing your hands on the ground behind you and your heels out in front of you!


3. Burpees – Everyone’s favourite exercise, right? There are many different variations of the beloved burpee, but I do mine by placing my hands flat on the ground, jumping both feet back and all the way forward before rocketing up for a sky high jump! If you want you can add a push up, or you can make it easier by walking each foot in and out one at a time.


4. Plank – Keep your hips level, core engaged, and count the blades of grass to make the 45 seconds go by faster!


5. Shoulder taps – start in a high plank with your core engaged, and without swaying your hips use your hands to reach up and touch the opposite shoulder.



Do each of these moves for 45 seconds with a 15 second break for a total of 20 minutes! And don’t forget to stretch after!! Let me know if you do this workout and tag me on Instagram!



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