LOCO Lemons

Someone once told me that marketing has a seven step strategy. They try to introduce their product to you in seven different ways, and ultimately it makes you more likely to buy the product! Well, I must have seen these pretty cans in at least seven different stores and it worked – I saw them at the grocery store this week for 59 cents, and I grabbed two and threw them in my basket without looking at the label. MISTAKES WERE MADE.


I figured because of the light labels it would be a light, refreshing sparkling water type drink. I came home and right away poured a glass for my boyfriend and I. Although it tasted pretty good, it was so sweet and it didn’t hit the spot for either of us and had so much added sugar. Even my boyfriend, who usually has quite the sweet tooth, was disappointed that the cans of sweet nectar weren’t sparkling water.




Processed with MOLDIV

After my loco lemon experience, I was left sad and dissatisfied. But, the next day life became a little brighter when I figured out I had all the ingredients my body was craving! I simply filled a glass with ice, a few slices of lemons, a scoop of vital proteins, and ice cold water! So simple, healthy, and delicious.



So friends, don’t make my mistake… if you are craving something specific (lemon water) don’t be a dork – go find the raw ingredients and crush those cravings with natural ingredients!



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