When you associate yourself with the word tanlines, I think it is necessary to touch on skin health awareness. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, and chances are you aren’t doing everything you can to prevent yourself from getting it. As my name suggests, I LOVE laying out in the sun and soaking up those vitamin D rays. As someone who rarely burns, I have ignored the crucial steps of skin cancer prevention in the past, but as I get older it seems more and more people I know are getting that God awful C word news because they stayed out in the sun without any protection. This summer (and the months following) I have pledged to take better care of my skin by using sun care products!


I chose to switch from regular sunscreen to Boo Bamboo for two main reasons. First, they are an all-natural, vegan, and cruelty free product. Second, they are Canadian brand and their products are made in Canada, which I love! I have been using the Natural Sunscreen Spray (30SPF) & two different after-sun products. They also have a 40SPF natural sunscreen, but unfortunately it’s not quite hot enough for that up here in Canada….yet!!

This is the first spray on sunscreen that I have used that makes me and my skin feel great. Unlike other spray on sunscreens, this sprays on almost like a light foam. It actually feels GOOD to put on, it absorbs quickly, and it makes your skin feel so soft! It also comes in a mini bottle which is perfect to throw in your purse in case you end up exposed in sun unexpectedly (patio drinks, anyone?). This sunscreen is also waterproof for up to 40 minutes, which is perfect for if you want to take a dip to cool off or if you are doing an activity that makes you sweat! So many people fail to realize that you definitely need waterproof sunscreen when running, playing beach volleyball, or any other activity in the sun when you are sweating!

The other two sprays that I have been using are for after you’re done in the sun! There is an intense after-sun moisture mist and a cooling after-sun body lotion spray. Nothing dries your skin out like an afternoon (p)laying in the sun, and one of the worst feelings is that inevitable itchy dry skin. Not only does the moisture spray help soothe sunburns if you played a little too long in the sun, but it helps prolong your tan, which you know I’m all over! (Blogger tip: I actually started using this spray at the end of winter, because I thought it would also help with my dry skin recover after swimming lanes in salt water and it felt amazing!) The cooling after-sun spray is for that darn sunburn that we will all get at some point or another this summer. Life happens, and sometimes we get caught up with what we are doing and forget to reapply. Give yourself a quick spray with this lotion to help immediately soothe the burn & help reduce the risk of peeling!File_005.jpeg

I have never been more excited about sun care products, and because I love them so much I actually think it will be easy to remember to use this summer! All of these products are available online and in stores, including Shoppers Drug Mart, and if head over to my Instagram page, you might be able to win some for yourself!


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