Spinning Negativity Around


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I struggle with many things, we all do and that’s normal. I think it’s important to talk about our struggles in an open and safe environment so we can work together to figure out how to work through each day. Nothing is worse than feeling trapped and not knowing where to turn or what to do. A struggle that I find myself constantly dealing with is dealing with negativity in a healthy way. Our worlds are crazier than ever, and unfortunately they are often filled with negativity. My gut response to negativity is usually one of three things – get angry, shove positivity down the culprit’s throat, or ignore it. There are issues with all three of these reactions, but often I use all three, along with a call to my mom, to help me get over negative experiences.

It’s ok to be mad about things, but don’t let your anger hurt others. Anger is an emotion that is natural, and we all experience it. When things don’t go our way or when something so terrible happens that we can’t even process it, it’s ok to be angry for a little while. Just be careful with this one – while I believe it’s healthy to fully embrace your emotions, anger can tend to impact others in a great way as well, and it will benefit nobody if your anger brings someone else down. Use anger as a short-term release until you are ready to process what to do next.

“Shoving positivity down the culprit’s throat” is a little harsh. What I should call this reaction, or step, is “looking on the bright side”. This may or may not involve the person or event that brought negativity into your life. It may be a conversation with someone about how what they did had a negative affect on your life and what the two of you can do to make it better for everyone. It may be an hour solo yoga session where you discover something that brings that positive light back into your soul. My personal favourite is a phone call to my mom or a friend and we can talk about all the great things in life – whether it’s related to the negative experience or not. I find this “exercise” helps me realize a very important life lesson – positivity always outweighs negativity.

Once again, the last step “ignore it” is rather harsh on it’s own. Ignoring something can cause the bottling up and explosion of emotions in the long run. I actually don’tknow what I want to call this “step” of my process. “Get over it” also doesn’t work, and “moving on” feels like I’m leaving it behind. I guess “live and learn” is the most appropriate. This is the stage of acceptance. The negative experience has happened, and I have used different tools to help me move through the experience to find my light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever process you use, this is the most important thing – don’t let the negative experience dull your positive light. Find your light and let it shine B R I G H T, because when each of us shines a little brighter, the world is a better place.

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