Olivella Self Care Products

Living a healthy life doesn’t just mean going to the gym and getting 8 hours of sleep a night. I believe that personal hygiene is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle and we should be conscious of the products we use! I try to incorporate as many natural products into my personal hygiene regime as possible, so I was extremely excited when my friends at http://www.badeshaa.com/ reached out and sent me some of their Italian products to try and review! I chose my three favourites to share with you!


Olivella Exfoliating Face & Body Wash


NO MICROBEADS HERE! My favourite part of this scrub the fact that it uses natural crushed apricot seeds as the main exfoliate. It is gentle enough to use on your face and comes in a large bottle so there is more than enough to do a head to toe scrub! I like to exfoliate 1-2 times a week! With a crisp scent and cooling sensation, this scrub left my skin feeling bright and refreshed!


Olivella Body Cream


Using a body cream made with 100% olive oil made me a little nervous. I assumed it would leave my skin feeling oily, but I was pleasantly surprised! This cream absorbs quickly and left my skin feeling moisturized and not greasy at all, plus the added essential oils makes it smell great!


Olivella Bath & Shower Gel


Lord knows we all need a good shower gel after a killer sweat sesh. I tried out the original scent and loved the mild citrus scent. I struggle with dry skin, so I am always looking for shower gels that are high in vitamin E. This shower gel is also high in vitamin A and antioxidants! The only drawback I found with this gel was that it was quite runny. I prefer a thicker shower gel so I don’t need to use as much, but this did lather up nicely and made my skin feel great!


All of the bath and beauty products at http://www.badeshaa.com/ are made with natural ingredients, are cruelty free, and are paraeben free. Let me know if you end up ordering some to try for yourself!


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