Balancing Act

easter tret

Eating healthy is always a balancing act. Whether you count calories or macros, follow a specific eating routine, or just try to “eat clean”, you need to find a balance so you don’t go bananas! I find that special occasions are always the hardest time to stay balanced. I see people too often using holidays as an excuse to go nuts with our food and end up feeling guilty, bloated, and even sick. Now, I am NOT saying don’t eat those chocolate easter eggs that the Easter Bunny is going to bring you this weekend, but I am going to give you a few great tips to help you feel satiated, healthy, and happy over the holidays!

  1. Enjoy your meals! Most “food regret” comes from uncontrolled snacking throughout piled on top of (usually large) delicious meals. Traditional holiday meals usually include lots of vegetables, protein sources, and other nutrient-filled foods! Try to be aware of the snacks that you consume throughout the day & try to snack on fresh fruit and veggies if you are feeling snackish! I know for me, the mindless snacking is the hardest thing to avoid during – but it can be done! And you’ll enjoy your holiday meal even more if you aren’t as stuffed as the turkey before the dinner begins!
  2. Stay hydrated! Holidays usually means socializing, and that often means bringing out the vino and brews! Try to stick to water to stay hydrated throughout the day, but make sure you enjoy a pint or glass at some point if you want to! Deprivation is as fun as food guilt – NOT FUN AT ALL!
  3. Bring healthy snacks! I was taught to never arrive empty handed. If you are headed off to someone else’s house for the holiday weekend, make a delicious snack that is healthy too for everyone to share!
  4. Enjoy in moderation. I am a huge chocoholic and I’d be lying if I said I’d make it through the weekend without indulging in some chocolate. Instead of setting up next to the giant bowl of mini eggs, I try to grab a piece of dark chocolate every now and then to keep my sweet tooth at bay!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend filled with laughter, love, and friends & family. I also hope the Easter Bunny treats you well, and you can use these tips to get through the weekend feeling great!


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