Meghan’s March

Each month I write out my goals. Usually, they look something like “drink more water, work out, eat healthy”. This month I wanted to really focus on what would make me happier. As I started writing each goal down I started to feel overwhelmed – my list was growing longer and longer – how in God’s name was I supposed to reach ALL OF THOSE GOALS?! Then I crossed them all out. Each one of those goals had one common theme, and I decided to make that theme my goal. I am “Marching” into this month with one goal: more self care. Sounds great, but what does that exactly mean? Many would argue that because I work out regularly I can already check this goal off, but I disagree. To me, self care is taking the steps to better your overall wellness. Going to the gym and sweating for an hour may be a part of that, but I want to focus on the little things I can do throughout my day that will result in a happier me.

IMG_3400Here are a few things I have already decided to do, but who knows what else will pop up throughout the month!

  • More “me” time – this can be either spent reading, reflecting, or relaxing
  • Trying new whole foods – like incorporating more turmeric into recipes!
  • Spending more time outside and less time in front of a computer
  • Find things that make me happy and do them more often

I plan on sharing more self care tips throughout the month on my Instagram, and I would love you for you to follow along!



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