Squarebar (with discount!)

I have been on a hunt for some time looking for the perfect protein bar. I look for a bar t

Processed with MOLDIV

hat is high in protein, low in sugar, and generally low in carbs. That usually doesn’t leave me much to work with and I end up eating bars that taste somewhere between a cardboard box and artificial sweetener. When I first stumbled across Squarebars on Instagram, I was immediately drawn to their fun packaging and chocolate (!!) coating I was seeing in so many pictures! I did a little research and found out that most of these little squares had around 210 kcals, 12g protein, 9g fat, 23g carb, and 11g sugar. Although the sugar and carbs are a little higher than I would prefer, I figured I would still give them a shot – and I am so glad I did! These are the best tasting protein bars I have had to date, and work perfectly as a pre or post workout snack, a little something to get you through the day when your hangry symptoms are getting the best of you, or as a special treat or dessert! All of the Squarebars are made without processed sugars (the sugars in the nutrition come from ingredients such as organic coconut nectar and organic cane syrup), soy, dairy, and gluten. These bars are also all NON GMO certified and 100% organic! My top three picks would have to be the Chocolate Coated Mint, Chocolate Coated Crunch, and Chocolate Coated Coconut! Another close favourite is the Chocolate Covered Almond Spice!! My favourite thing about this company isn’t the actual bars though; Square Organics makes a quarterly contribution, based on their net sales, to nonprofit Not For Sale – an organization that creates education, housing, and workforce training projects to help abolish sex trafficking and slavery around the world. If you want to give these bad boys a try and help fight human trafficking, feel free to use the discount code: tanlines.and.training for 20% off!


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