Are you Dead?

Life has ups and downs. It is meant to be that way. The past month or so I felt like I was stuck in a “down” rups&dwosnut and was going nowhere. Then, through persistency and determination, my mind jumped out of that rut and I’m feeling strong and more motivated than ever. I think that these ups and downs are good for us mentally, because they present a challenge to keep moving forward even when it feels impossible. When you get past the toughest part of the rut you feel like you are the toughest b*tch out there! So, how do you get out of those dark & twisty ruts? Motivate yourself.

That sounds a lot easier than it actually is. For me, I like to look at how far I’ve come and why I started in the first place. I want to be a strong & healthy woman that other young women can look up to. I won’t be that girl by giving up. I love looking at my own personal progress to motivate myself to push harder, sweat longer, and keep going day in and day out. Some days sweating longer means sweating for twenty minutes when I feel like sweating for 0. That’s still a victory and I treat it like one. It is so important to be proud of yourself so you don’t get caught up in a negative state of mind.

Your mind is your most powerful tool. It can tear you down just as easily as it can build you up. As hard as it is, stay positive through the hard times to make it back to the great times! Surround yourself with positive people who have similar goals, think about all the great things you have achieved (or that you are going to achieve), and tell yourself that you are a damn rockstar, because you are!


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