Dona Jo Leggings (with discount!)


First off, I love the story behind these leggings. The faces behind Dona Jo met and fell in love in university, named the company after his Grandma, and
now design all the leggings and have them made in his home country, Brazil. HOW SWEET IS THAT! Ok, ok, now for the actual review. One thing I immediately liked about the website was how many options there are – all the leggings are absolutely beautiful and they release new styles every week! They are also super easy to pick a size because there are only three sizes – size 1, which fits a regular 0-8; size 2, which fits a regular size 10-14; and size 3, which fits size 16-20. I went with a size 1 (I am regularly around a size 1-3, depending on where I shop) and they fit great! They are very stretchy and honestly feel like I don’t have anything on when I wear them!

Generally I have three tests for good leggings.

  1. Do I squeal when I see them because they are so cute? Check.
  2. Are they thin enough, yet good quality, so that I won’t die of heat stroke during a workout? Check.
  3. Can I run in them without them constantly falling down? Check!

These leggings are definitely a 10/10 and are perfect for the summer! If you head over to and find something you love, feel free to use the discount code TANLINES20 for 20% off!!


*sponsored post*


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